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Stewart + Schafer

Stewart + Schafer is an innovator in spatial branding. They contacted us to bring their atmospheric sensibility and aesthetic onto the web. While we develop their full interactive website, we have created a temporary landing page as a contact link for prospective clients.   View Site


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D 27

D27 is New York City-based furniture design studio specializing in high-end bespoke furniture. We helped bring their distinct style to the web with an fully interactive website.


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Utilitarian Workshop

Utilitarian Workshop is a modern collaborative retail co-op with a core focus on local, handmade goods. While their studio/workshop space is under-construction, we created an interactive splash to establish their new look and help them stay in contact and share information with their clients online.  View Site


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Stephen Burditt

Stephen Burditt is an independent industrial designer based out of the MidWest. He came to us in need of a fresh identity that would effectively represent his design style and help distinguish him from the crowd. Shown is his new symbol/mark in black & white and color, along with his logotype configuration and color system.


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My Moon

My Moon is a San Francisco-based design studio focusing on the creation and production of organic textiles and goods for infants. We strived to effectively communicate their minimal design aesthetic through a series of interchangeable symbol and logotype configurations.


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