ISOM embellishes the visual landscape and enriches the human experience with thoughtful integration of graphic elements, patterns and color combinations on hard surfaces, textiles and soft goods. Designed in-house and made in collaboration with artisans and craftspeople, surfaces and textiles are a critical part of an interior and exterior composition — A balancing of scale, pattern, graphics, color and texture. By layering these elements within a given space, they add yet another level of luxury and visual warmth, connecting clients to the environment in which they live or work.

We are currently working on developing our pattern archive. All patterns created will be available for implementation onto wall coverings, textiles, soft goods and hard surfaces. We will work with our client to determine which implementation technique, treatment and color scheme are most appropriate for their project. Custom pattern development is also available — Working together to create something completely unique for interior or exterior spaces. 

areas of focus:

/ pattern & print design
/ textiles, soft goods & hard surfaces
/ interior & exterior applications
/ custom design & production



s / 001-012 : pattern concepts