Furniture / Objects

Furniture and Objects are an ordinary part of everyday life.  At ISOM we happen to think the things we interact with so often should be far from ordinary. The harmonious relation between select materials and the individual is something that is valued as much as the design. This pursuit of aesthetic balance and harmony occurs through sight, sound, touch and smell.


Furniture + Fixture Design

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Surface Design

ISOM embellishes the visual landscape and enriches the human experience with thoughtful integration of graphic elements, patterns and color combinations on hard surfaces, textiles and soft goods. Designed in-house and made in collaboration with artisans and craftspeople, Surface/Textiles are a critical part of an interior composition, a balancing of scale, pattern, graphics, color and texture. By layering these elements within a given space, they add yet another level of luxury and visual warmth, connecting clients to the environment in which they live or work.


Pattern + Print Design


Wall Coverings

Custom Design + Production